Why Pizza and Tattoos Are Actually All You Need In Life: Lunch Break Makeover

File Jun 11, 6 08 12 PM

Gilded tattoos were on the menu this week. So was pizza. Sort of a pizza & tattoo party. What fun we would have! Getting all tatt’d up whilst eating some of the most delicious pizza you could find in a 15 mile radius. And then, the unthinkable happened.

Everything went haywire. 

Hence this edition of LBM was not all fun and games (as it was supposed to be). Now I’m not going to sit here and throw a gigantic pity party. I won’t! But I will host a small one, because our story needs to be told. 

Problem One: The amount of time it takes to go pick up pizza when you only have an hour. Next time, maybe delivery would be a better option. Even so, we would have had time, aside from…

Problem Two: The influx of work that had to take precedence over Lunch Break Makeover. Remember, what could go wrong will go wrong when you have a pizza/tattoo party planned. 

Problem Three: Having to choose between eating and tattooing because time is of the essence. 

SO of course when presented with Pizza or Gilded Temporary Tattoos…the choice is as obvious as, well pizza, because eating is important.

Pizza. First. Always.

Unfortunately, work also thinks it needs to come first. Real life goes and ruins things again

You see, we were all set up. The tattoo parlor was prepped. 

File Jun 11, 6 08 43 PM

Pizza arrives on time and smelling like fresh heaven…

File Jun 11, 6 08 12 PM

AND THEN five minutes into eating, I walk away to get more water and boom! I’m caught. I should have known better. Someone always needs something while you are in the middle of something amazing. Unfortunately, when it’s the boss you have to oblige. I’m keeping the language G Rated, but my emotional state at the time was far far from it. 

Jenn was the saddest of all the gals. She wanted a tattoo so badly. Rumor has it, she had Jez put a kids sticker on her chest. I can’t confirm or deny it. 

This is how badly we need LBM. Every. Single. Week. 

BUT don’t dispair. Jenn, Jez and all of the other LBM crew will get tattoos on Friday (today). Even if there’s a fire. It will be immensely helpful that the boss will be away, too. Nothing is getting in our way this time!

In the meantime, I took some very dull pics of what the tattoos look like on me at home, by myself. You can imagine what fun we are probably having right now (assuming you are reading this on your lunch hour) that you may never, ever get to see. Well, unless you follow my INSTAGRAM feed.  

gilded tattoos in forty seconds

And in conclusion, without both pizza AND tattoos, we were all miserable. Mostly I was miserable, but they weren’t that thrilled either.

If and when you set up a tattoo pizza party, where will you stick your golden skin decor? Fingers, toes, up your nose?

Just kidding, don’t do that.

♥ Liz