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Embellished Oreos & Last Minute Christmas DIYs

Decorated Oreos

Unfortunately I’ve found myself slightly unmotivated and underfunded this holiday season. 

Probably my own fault as I’ve been spending stacks of cash on unnecessaries and funsies. Getting back to my budget is actually my New Year’s Resolution.

Right after  I hit all of the post holiday sales…

Bestie and I exchange gifts but since we have tons of junk already and really don’t need a whole lot, we opt for DIY Christmas. Initially I planned on making some pretty rad friendship necklaces or a magnificent pair of crocheted mittens but this year snuck up on me. I was forced to go with my go-to, never fail, DIY home run. Sweets.

Decorative Oreos



White Chocolate Dipped w/ ButterFinger Crumble

White Chocolate w/ Candy Cane Crunch

Milk Chocolate w/ Heath Bar Crumble

Vanilla Frosted w/ Silver & Gold Candy Pearls

Or any variety of the ingredients. Here’s what you will need:

1 bag White Chocolate Disks and/or Milk Chocolate

Vanilla Frosting & Plastic Bag or Piping Bag with small round tip

1 cup ButterFinger Candy Bits

1 cup Heath Candy Bits

1 cup Candy Cane Sprinkles

Silver and Gold Candy Pearls– I used Wilton’s from the cake decor section

Golden Oreos AND Original Oreos

For the Edges:

Using the plastic bag or piping bag, pipe a small amount of frosting on the rim of the cookie. 

With a closed hand, pour some of the candy pearls into the creases of your fingers so they are in a straight line. Roll the frosted edge over the pearls for a perfect line.

For the White Chocolate Dipped:

Melt the white disks in a microwave safe bowl in :30 sec increments. Dip half of the cookie into the chocolate and remove. Shake off the excess chocolate and lay on parchment. Sprinkle on toppings and let cool. 

SAVE the Oreo trays and cut them in sections of three for easy transport of your fancy cookies! 

Pretty easy eh? And oh so impressive. People will think you slaved over these babies when really you just sprinkled candy on cookies while having a couple of glasses of wine...

What DIY gifts to you love to get and receive???


♥ Liz