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Low Maintenance Waves For Dummies & Deep Thoughts With Inspector Gorgeous

Wavy Beach Hair

Why is it that when faced with a situation outside of our comfort zones, we feel the explicit need to apologize for every single insecurity? No really, I’m asking. One minute you are riding the happy train, singing your own praises and feeling like a winner and then you interact with someone you perceive to be cooler than you and BAM. Happy train-derailed. You find yourself using big words that make zero sense and making excuses as to why you’re still living in the same city with the same job and the same apartment with this same cheap highlights.

“Oh my, I’m so sorry! My roots are showing.”

-Me (figuratively and literally)

My roots! As if that is something to apologize for! No, I am not a natural blonde and I am in between highlights. I, along with the entire universe, should probably get over it. Yes, I come from a small town called Nowhere Special, USA and after a long visit I get a little loose with my grammar and my hem line. Big deal. We all have roots and whether we choose to bleach them or bury them under layer of condescending vocabulary and really expensive shoes, they are there. OR there’s always the option to accept them and embrace where you came from.

Novel idea, eh?

Now before your mind starts screaming “OMG YOU ARE CRAZY WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?” rest assured that I won’t be giving up highlights or being blonde(ish) because that’s just plain nuts, but I will be taking a little more pause before throwing my city under the bus and reducing it to some shameful secret that needs to be apologized for.

Ok, back on track.

Low Maintenance Waves-Fine, Thin Hair Edition

Let me begin with two different looks created with the same triple barrel waver:

THE LEFT is a winter wave with the humidity is low and the waves are very stiff and defined, (find my tutorial HERE) while THE RIGHT is a softer, movable summer wave, perfect for sticky and unmanageable conditions.

Why is my arm like that? Oh, right, because I’m super awkward… 

The trick is to rotate the iron so the hair is “crimped” into a softer wave. By holding the iron slightly vertical to the hair and going in small sections you create natural looking waves.

As for the humidity-busting icing on the cake, prep with an anti-humidity mousse such as BigSexyHair Root Pump Plus (perfect for fine, thin hair like mine) and blow dry. Then use your favorite dry shampoo spray before adding the waves to keep absorbing any oils that may wreck your fancy new look. I love using dry shampoo on my clean hair before styling to give a little texture, too.

Humidity Proof Waves

Here’s me NOT apologizing for the heavy root growth you may or may not have noticed. I’m letting my roots show and I don’t care who sees them! Well, until July when I have my highlights retouched…