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Swipe Right: Get the Perfect Winged Shadow Every Time!

Winged Shadow Tutorial

Ten times out of ten I’m running late.

Yes, that is 100% and not an exaggeration. My makeup routine (full-on cuteness) typically takes a super long time and is almost exclusively the culprit. Maybe I’m sucky, maybe I’m slow, but when I’m rushing around trying to hit dollface status I forget critical things about makeup application. I preface with this only because this is a quick eyeshadow tip and I KNOW I will have someone tell me, “duh Inspector, why use a Q-Tip when you can just put a piece of tape under your eye, put on your shadow, then pull it off when you are done?”

Why? W H Y? Ha! Let me tell you why-I don’t use the tape trick because I am ALWAYS LATE. Who can honestly remember two pieces of tape (not normally found in my makeup drawer) when they are in a countdown situation?

I am not a perfect beauty robot. I am human woman who hits the snooze ten times, dicks around on facebook, and then has to squeeze a 30 minute beauty routine into a 15 minute block of time. I was less than five minutes late to work twice last week and I felt like I needed some symbol of recognition. I wasn’t even on time! I just wasn’t that late and somehow that has become my measuring stick of accomplishment. AND I cheated and put my mascara on in my office…

If only I could work from home. On time-all the time.

So, eyeshadow. You can use the tape trick when the stars align and you’ve done everything in life right, or you can save your eyeshadow and possibly your job with this very simple trick.

A note on using tape: If you even BEGIN to apply your eyeshadow without putting that tape in place, everything is crap and you can pretty much cancel whatever it is you were planning on doing and just get right back in the shower. Starting over is hard but it’s all you’ve got at that point. Think about that the next time you try to tape mid-shadow application.


Winged Shadow HACK

Let’s Get to Swiping-

1. Apply eye shadow as normal, making sure to go far enough to the outer eye area that the wing will be noticeable. I like to think of it as an exaggerated smokey eye. Don’t be scared. If you go too far you’ll just wipe it away. Go to modest and you can just add and swipe until it’s perfect.

2. Using a Cotton Swab dampened with your favorite makeup remover (I use Micellar Water), wipe up and out starting at the outer corner of the lash line. Aim for the end of your eyebrow “tail” and you’re golden. Sometimes the placement can be wack-a-doo so try it out and note if you would like it higher/lower.

3. Clean the line with your foundation or concealer and a sponge or brush. You can do your full face of makeup like I did (for photo’s sake) or you can do your eye makeup first, wipe, then apply your foundation, highlight, contour, etc. Some days I do eyes first and other days I do cover up first. It’s whatever.


As for the eyeshadow I’m wearing, it’s a variation of the same eyeshadow that I wear almost exclusively anymore. NYX Jumbo Eye Crayon in Yogurt, Urban Decay Naked 3 palette (rose gold and more purple) and sometimes I through in THIS purple bronze shade (flirty) by The Balm. Who knew purple matches everything?

♥ Liz