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noun /hair·a·py ˈhair-ə-pē

:the treatment of a physical or spiritual hair related illness. 

“I can’t go out tonight unless I pencil in some serious hairapy first!”

Fine, thin, lifeless hair is my  personal illness. My best solution is, well, we will get to it. Or you can skip to the pictures. It won’t hurt my feelings.

SO anyway, sucky hair has been my life story for as long as I can remember. As a child my mom would accuse me (harshly) of using too much conditioner in my hair and that I was to blame for my stringy strands. I used zero conditioner. I swear. Sometimes I would even use bar soap in hopes of roughing it up a bit. Side note: It doesn’t work that well. But as a ten year old it also wasn’t that big of a deal. I wasn’t losing sleep over flat hair. 

Those were the days.

Now I obsess over my hair. You may recall my long and drawn out hair story. If not, you can read it HERE. Or check out my other super cool wavy hair tutorial HERE

AND so the story goes, I have come up with a few solid steps that usually up the ampage for anyone with FINE, THIN, LAZY hair that hates to behave.

 volume for fine thin hair

BUT…Before we get to the tutorial I have a few tips to share.

1. Don’t go naked. I get that adding hair products is a pain and an additional step in your morning routine, but product is what makes hair behave in the manner you choose. Got it? My two faves are Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus followed up with Rusk Priming CremeVolume plus touch-ability for my delicate strands. 

2. Learn to properly blow-dry. It’s called a blow out and it is a magical technique your stylist does after they wash/cut/color your hair. I would do a tutorial but trying to photograph that sounds dreadful. Maybe someday I’ll attempt a video… 

3. Be realistic. I know what my hair looks like when it’s freshly styled and I know what it looks like five hours later. You can make your hair behave to a point and the rest is in God’s hands. Aim for YOUR best hair, not the hair of a VS model. Her hair has loads of product, a team of stylists, and constant touch ups. My hair has lip gloss in it 90% of the time. 

Now on to the pictorial!

fine thin hair


Step 1: Curl a small section of hair with a large barrel iron. Two to four seconds is all it takes. 

Step 2: Roll your curled piece around a Velcro roller from the tip up to the root. No need to secure it because…it’s Velcro. I use THESE which are perfect for volume.

Step 3: Repeat step 1 and 2 until you’ve made it all the way around your head.

*Tip* While instructing my bestie, she found it difficult to get the top row of rollers to stay. Even though you see the supermodels with rollers going from their bangs back, horizontally, they are difficult. If you want easy with the same results, just start and the crown and work yo’ way down.

All of my curlers are following this rule aside from my bangs.

Step 4: Leave hair in rollers for 10 to 20 minutes.They need to cool and set. I typically do my makeup during this time and once my face is on my hair is ready to unroll. 

Remove the rollers and set with hairspray. 
For added staying power, tease the roots at the crown and smooth before setting with hair spray. You will seriously have lift for days.

Where are my fine haired ladies at?! Do you ever use this method? Dish, please. 

♥ Liz