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Simple Sugar Scrub, Sexy Supple Skin, & Thoughts On Life

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I realize there are far too many S’s in this title, but I couldn’t help myself.

Over the weekend I had a skin emergency. Skinergency? Skergency? You know the kind. The dry, flaky, completely unsexy leg skin, that makes you want to bathe in Jergens.  I chalk it up to the unfortunate combination of too much summer sun and industrial grade chlorine.

Probably, one too many Skinny Girl Cocktails as well. But who’s counting? 

Needless to say I was in a bad place dermatologically speaking. Lubing up wasn’t touching this dryness either. Three layers of moisturizer later, I was left with a disgusting mixture of oily, flaky skin.

My skin needed a much stronger drink. And exfoliation. Simple Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

BUT before we get to the simplistic and beautiful combination of household ingredients that will turn your skin into magic…some thoughts on exfoliation. (If you aren’t interested in getting deep with me, skip to the pretty pictures.) 

Life is full of noise.

Even when my life is quiet, the noise seems to seep into my brain in the form of one million little thoughts that keep me from accomplishing even one single, solitary task. Small, irritating infractions on my psyche, forcing me to procrastinate. I guess you could call this being overwhelmed.

Some of us can block out the noise and focus in on the task at hand: the first day of a diet, a big night out, the to-do list that has proven to be your to-don’t list. I am not that person. I need order, a clean slate, to get that burst of creative energy flowing. Sort of a reset button. Yes, I’m going there…a good old fashion scrub down. 

I’m not joking. I shower when I’m stressed out. 

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m a loon. I don’t know. What I do know is this-A vigorous scrub in a screaming hot shower hits my reset button. Feeling clean and fresh and ready to take on anything is the difference between getting things done verses an all day Netflix binge accompanied by food choices I’ll regret later. 

SO if you are feeling stale and unmotivated, do this scrub. Primp your body. When YOU feel good your BRAIN feels good. And we all know if  your brain feels good you can conquer the world. 

FYI: I had freshen my makeup and brush my hair before writing this post. I felt grimy from work and couldn’t focus (and no time for a shower scrub).

I’m unsure if this proves my point or my insanity…

BUT IT WORKS. Trust me. Simple Moisturizing Sugar Scrub

What You’ll Need 

1/2 cup Granulated Sugar

1/4 cup Coconut Oil

1 tbsp Body Wash (Just a squeeze, really. I use an all natural shea butter wash)

Let coconut oil reach room temperature. It should be thick but not solid. Add in the sugar and mix well. Add in the body wash. 


I love this scrub because if exfoliates gently without rubbing your skin off. Also, there will be no need for a post-shower moisturizer. The oil will lock in moisture from the shower and let me tell you, it has staying power. 

Keep In Mind:

Wash your hair FIRST to avoid gunking it up with oil. 

DON’T slip and fall in the shower. It may get slick and I can’t afford a lawsuit at this paygrade.

-DO use a towel you aren’t emotionally attached to. It may get a little greasy. It’s worth it. 

Enjoy sexy, youthful skin and a raging urge to finish everything on your to-do list.