Coconut Oil: The New Duct Tape {and makeup remover}

Melt your makeup off


I’ll admit, I’ve been riding the coconut oil hype train for a while.

This was me up until a week ago:

“Hey, person I know, how have you been? Oh, you have irritated skin? You should try Coconut Oil. A Yeast infection? Coconut Oil bath. Wow, you have dry skin too? You should read my blog…and try a Simple Sugar Scrub. Having marital troubles? You two need to get some coconut oil in your relationship.” 

Yes, I was that irritating person. 

Thank you to all of my friends and family who haven’t punched me in the face yet.

Blinded by the internet articles that circulate their way through social media, I hyped the crap out of coconut oil. Well, guess what? Coconut oil doesn’t fix everything. It is true that the oil has many properties that are enticing but if you try to cure a yeast infection with it, chances are you’ll just end up with a slippery (and still itchy) vagina. Sorry. 

BUT…Coconut oil is excellent at many things and I love it for the plethora of tasks and ailments it can successfully soothe. My favorites are those pertaining to sensitive skin;

Eye Makeup Remover.  

Utilize coconut oil and some cotton pads to melt away your makeup and reap some pretty sweet benefits in the process!

  1. Less rubbing: Oil naturally dissolves most makeup products, making them easy to wipe away. The less you tug at your sensitive eye area, the more good you are doing in the fight against wrinkles. *Waterproof items are not as easily removed by oil due to the chemical nature and may need higher power remover…with chemicals.*
  2. Soothe and Hydrate: No harsh cleanser means less irritation, and natural oils like coconut can benefit the skin’s moisture barrier.
  3. Less is More: It takes a very small amount of oil to do a big job. I tend to use too much and consequently get oil in my eye balls. It doesn’t hurt, but it is irritating nonetheless. Also, In the long run it just may save you some dolla dolla bills.  

Since you are probably all hyper about coconut oil like I was, I bet you have some lying around your kitchen. I use the same stuff I cook with, LoAnna 100% Pure Coconut Oil, and keep it in a mini glass jelly jar. As for the cotton pads, any ol’ brand will do. I get them at the grocery store next to the cotton swabers.

Now grab a clean container, scoop some oil, and for goodness sake don’t get it in your eyes. 

Melt your makeup off

That’s it!

And stay tuned for a very honest opinion on another new craze to hit the cleansing world, micellar water. Spoiler alert: It is pretty legit.