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So You Have The Perfect Body. Now What?

Photo illustration by Philipp/Matthew Azevedo

“I wish I had her body.” 

-The direct quote from a Pinterest photo which moments ago inspired this post.

For the bulk of my adult life and a fair chunk of my adolescence, I had body issues. Most of us have, which was something that had never occurred to me until I grew up.  Because up to that point in my life I found flaws in my own body, and secretly wished I could be as happy in my own skin as everyone else. I envied them. But then I began to listen intently to how the humans around me, and on the world wide web, spoke to their bodies. Yes, we speak to our bodies just as often as we speak to ourselves. Vocalizing or internalizing, there is a definite conversation going on between a the two. 

SO until about two minutes ago I had seen, agreed, and likely re-pined roughly a billion images just like the aforementioned without another thought. I mean, who doesn’t want a tinier waist, bigger knockers, and ass for days?

I don’t know, maybe the girl who lives in Pinterest?   

But this post isn’t about her. It’s not about body image, either. Well, not directly anyway. It’s about the one simple question which has been  impossible for me to get an answer to. 

What comes after the attained “perfect” body? 

No, really. Inquiring minds want to know. What do you do with the body you have wished for? And I’m not asking about those of you who have adapted a healthier lifestyle or have been more active. I understand the joy of fitting into clothing comfortably, increased energy level, blah blah blah. Achieving those goals are good for you and for your body. Insert applause here. I am referring to what comes after physical activity and good nutrition. No longer just a healthy core but a shredded one, rock hard buns and jiggle-less arms, all while maintaining (or surgically enhancing) the previously mentioned. Because lets face it, boobs don’t stick around when major fat loss is at play. The Pinterest Girl body. 

What actually changes?

Initially, I would think there would be an influx of confidence. Those around you would probably shower you with compliments. Oh, and you could rock some pretty amazing outfits. But then what? A boatload of borderline narcissistic selfies and perfunctory “likes”? My work life would be exactly the same, if not worse. Let’s face it, the pressure of having to maintain the wished for body could quite frankly become a huge pain in the wished for ass. Since I am not a celebrity there would be no increase in wages due to a newly acquired hot bod status. My friends and family already love me so I doubt there would be much change there.

What’s left? Why do I (we) want to have her body?  Just to have it? To have people look at it and want it too? To be revered for it? To be lusted after because of it? Or maybe it’s because she is so ripped and I want to be able to lift that much, too…


Once the dust settles and the compliments have been said, there you are. You and your perfect body. Hanging out in your small town, going to work, taking selfies, and (if you are me) watching Netflix. 

So I ask myself again, what is it that a perfect body can do that can not be achieved with just a plain old healthy body? Probably nothing. Do I still want it? Yep. The only difference is that now I don’t feel like I need it

♥ Liz

Photo illustration by Philipp/Matthew Azevedo