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Keeping It Tight: Why You Should Be Tightlining TODAY

Tightlining Eyes

SO I have no power this morning. 

Yeah, I’ll survive but as far as witty blog posts goes, this will not be one of them. On the bright side, I now have an amazing excuse to buy coffee AND breakfast at Starbucks this morning so…


Did you know that you don’t need to have a heavy line on your upper lash line to make your peepers pop? Well you don’t. Tightlining does it all. No extra liner required on those days when you wake up late with no power and you need to finish your blog post.


Tightlining your upper lash line is essentially closing the gap between your lashes and your eyelid skin, giving the illusion of fuller lashes and consequently a more intense eye. Really kick it up a notch and line the bottom waterline for a drama-tastic night time look.

Keep in mind, when you tightline the top lid you run the risk of getting that liner on your moist lower lid (the waterline) and you can let it ride like I did in the pic above or you can use a Q-tip to wipe it away.


Tighlining 101

Pretty easy, eh? This is a wear and go sort of liner that requires little to no skill.

Step 1

Using a long wear eye crayon, wiggle the pigment in between the lashes, filling the tiny gaps between the lashes and eyelid skin. To increase the intensity you can line the waterline which is the lip of skin that is below the lashes.

Step 2

Blink a few times and allow the residual color to come off as it may. Wipe the bottom waterline with a Q Tip to remove any liner. By drying the bottom like you are reducing the likelihood of excess liner transfer.

That’s that! You can apply this technique to the bottom lash line but know that if you, the result is more or less closing your eye inward and can make small eyes appear smaller. More intense, but smaller.

I always tightline my upper lashes whether I’m doing an above the lash liner or not since it really does make your lashes look more full without overpowering your eyes.

So tightlining. Any takers?