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WAVE Goodbye to Boring Summer Hair with This ESSENTIAL Beauty Tool!!!

Tripple Barrel for Beach Waves

Golly I love summer. It’s just, well, the bee’s knees.

All of the good stuff happens when the mercury rises. Winter sweaters get tucked away, everyone smells like sunscreen and we can finally eat ice cream and have a valid excuse.

“It’s too effing hot for food. Let’s get ice cream.” Is an acceptable excuse…right?

For those of you who don’t live in a climate where the weather can go from winter-like blasts of sub zero temps to a balmy, slightly tropical feel in a matter of months, you may not understand. You may even think you are lucky. 

Well, you’re not. And here’s why. 

Folks who don’t go through a legit winter don’t get to appreciate summer. How could you? You haven’t had to suffer through chapped lips, dry hair, frost bite, frail and cracked skin, etc. AKA my life from November (sometimes October) until May. 

It’s not your fault. Just a reality. Yes, I’m jealous of your year round, paradise climate. No, these are not sour grapes, no matter how sour they are sounding.  

SO when the heat is on, so is the hottness. Short shorts, bronzed skin and the greatest summer hair style ever…

Tripple Barrel for Beach Waves

You’ve probably seen it a billion different ways…

The internet says you can use a flat iron to get these coveted twisty tendrils. Your hairstylist has likely raved about the magic sea spray that will transform your locks from mop-like to mermaid.

Maybe it does for you. Congratulations if that’s your life. 

My hair does not behave in this manner. Chalk it up to being too fine and thin…and difficult. If I want shimmering waves with full volume and a soft, touchable texture I turn to the one thing that has never let me down: my Revlon Triple Barrel Iron. For about $10, the thing is literally like a magic wand for hair. I don’t believe you can screw it up. It’s just the greatest invention for hair ever. 

Now that I’ve got you all hot and bothered for some sultry waves, let’s take it step by step.  

StepbyStep WAVES

↑ Boom. Waves. ↑

Starting with one side, pull all of your hair back and clip to the side, leaving only a small section. Approximately a half inch layer. 

1. Apply iron at the base of the section and hold for about 5 seconds. 

2. Release the hair (just like a curling iron) and let the barrel slide down ONE LENGTH of the iron. Think of it like this: the curl that you have just created at the bottom of the barrel will now rest in the top of the barrel. You are creating a continuous wave. I go by feel. As you open the iron and slide it down the hair, you can feel it falling into place. 

3 & 4 Bring down another section of hair and place the iron at the base of the hair. Just like step one and two. 

5. Begin using smaller widths of hair as you work your way closer to the crown or part. This ensures that you don’t have one wave that is the exact same indent going straight down your part. That would be cute for a vintage feel, but we are going for beachy, messy waves. 

Repeat steps 1-5 on the other side, beginning at the bottom layers of hair and working your way up. 

TO DO THE BACK: I find that I get most of the hair when doing the bottom layers if I go around the nape of my neck. Once I finish the sides, I pull large chucks from the back and wave just as the others. It is a messy look so it doesn’t need to be perfect! 

Set with a flexible hair spray and Voila! Sexy, summer beach waves. 

My hair takes about 15 minutes from start to finish. Second day hair works like a charm if it’s not too greasy. If you must wash it first, I always add a little root boosting moose like THIS to give it some volume and a little body. 

That’s all! Easy, right? 

So let’s hear it. Would you try this tool? Are you terrified or intrigued? 

♥ Liz