Pamper Your Pout: Lip Soothe & Scrub


Give the gift that keeps on kissing…

Because a gift that keeps on kissing is by default also continuously giving. So a gift that keeps on kissing keeps on giving, but not the other way around. Gifts that keep on giving don’t necessarily keep on kissing.

That got confusing.

Anyway, I didn’t get to DIY something sick for Christmas this year. Time sort of just whooshed right by and then I was all “DIY…uhhhh…Oreos?!?!” which worked but were not exactly what I intended. Next year I will be prepared…is what I said last year.

DIY Lip Scrub

Lip Scrub

If you have time, which you don’t because Christmas is like, in twenty minutes, you could craft and package this kick ass lip scrub and sooth and dazzle all of your friends. Or you could just make it for yourself and share with your friends in a non-holiday way.

Who says you can’t give gifts randomly at anytime of year? Gift giving isn’t just exclusively a Christmas thing guys.

The Reason for the Season and so on.

However, lip care is enormously important. Just ask anyone who has ever had cracked lips and proceeded to eat something salty or spicy. It’s a deep burn. Fear not fellow salty food enthusiast and mistletoe mavens! You too can have sweet, supple, burn free lips.

That sounded wrong.


The solution is always coconut oil something, right? Obviously.

Lip Scrub and Soothe

I gifted this DIY last year but never got around to making any for myself so when confronted with an unfortunate lip situation I decided to take it upon myself to test my  own product and holy-freaking-cow. It worked like magic. The sugar (gently) rips off any dead skin cells lurking around and the oil locks in moisture. Bonus, I added some pure Vitamin E for supercharged healing.

The Scrub Mixture

1 part Coconut Oil

2 parts Granulated Sugar

1 part Pure Concentrated Vitamin E        (some grocery stores are carrying this now!!!)

Small containers-I used pill bottles from the trial size section of Target or you could buy THESE

If this recipe looks like nonsense that’s because it is. I honestly tried to measure everything out but you really have to go with what feels right regarding consistency.

  1. Make sure the coconut oil is firm but not solid nor melted. Room temperature is a good rule of thumb.
  2. Combine the sugar and oil and stir until uniform. The consistancy should be very gritty, almost verging on mostly sugar. More sugar means better exfoliation action.
  3. Begin adding a small amount of vitamin e. It will change the texture of the mix to a slightly softer, shinier product. If I could put an amount on it, I’d say the 1/8th of a tsp.

The Moisture Mixture

Combine 1/8th tsp Vitamin E with 1 tbsp Coconut oil in a small dish…that’s it. Sometimes I add a little Argon Oil or Avocado Oil for added moisture.

And now scrub your dead skin off to let the moisture in. 

DIY Lip Soothe and Scrub

I’ve been battling the cracked, nasty lips for a week and using this method every other day has put them back to normal. No, better than normal. Super human lips. Perfect for mistletoe-ing and NYE countdown kissing ♥

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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!