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Spring It On: Funky Prints and Jewel Crowns for Everyone!

Spring It On

Spring is mother nature’s way of preparing us for the short shorts and bare midriffs of summer.  Can you imagine what it would be like if we went from 35° to 80° overnight? Settle down everyone-in-Michigan, I know it happens, but it doesn’t happen that drastically. If it did I would melt into a gigantic pale puddle on my patio. Even with a slow and steady temperature increase to gently coax me out of one season and into another, I still feel uncomfortably pasty and out of shape until mid June. 

Ease into the season, guys.  

SO lately I have been getting really amped up for summer. Fake tanner, going a little blonder, busting out my bronzer-the whole nine-but I’ve stopped myself from just buying tanks and halters as to enjoy at least a moment of spring.



Jewel Crowns and Floral Combs are perfect for looking festival ready, even if you are like me and the only festival you will attend is the fake one in your dreams that you document on Instagram. I snagged the two Elle Hair Accessories pictured at Ulta but it looks like they were an in-store product only. THIS headband or THIS hair piece is also comparable and adorable or THIS comb set. 



FYI: This Romper was impossible for me to photograph in full form but you can find it HERE and see it on a real model. 


To get the pretty pinks and purples for this look I used my favorite NYX Jumbo Eye Crayon in Strawberry Milk to line my lower lashes and inner corner. The Naked 3 Palette BUZZ in the crease and DUST on the lid. Lips were just a light glossing with Essence liquid lipstick in Colour Party.

So that’s what I’ll be wearing all spring long and likely into July. What are your favorite go-to spring looks? Who wants a more in-depth tutorial on this makeup?!

♥ Liz