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Size Matters: False Eyelash Tips For The Perfect Fit


I think Goldilocks really said it best when it comes to having it all in life; never settle. When faced with the tough choices, she didn’t waver. Porridge too hot? Next. Chair too big? Get out of here with that nonsense. Bed too soft? Not on your life, pal. That chick knew exactly what she wanted.


Granted, this story is about a child breaking and entering to clean out some innocent’s fridge, only to pass out in a child’s bed and then bail when the proprietors return. But the moral of the story still drives my point home. Finding your perfect fit, no matter the felony, is important.




I am currently an unsettling (ha!) work in progress. What I mean to say is that settling for “almost” leaves you unsatisfied and bitter, baulking at all of the people who seemingly have it all because they didn’t stop. Basically, it sucks. If we are to enjoy the bounties life has to offer, we better damn well make sure they are to our liking  AND if Goldilocks were of the formidable age to don falsies you could bet your sass that they too, would be the perfect fit.

Size Up Your Lashes



SO false lashes never, ever fit my eyes. They are gigantic and awkward and unmistakably fake every time. Not to mention this terribly uncomfortable tugging of my eyelid as the enormous lash continually tries to separate itself from my skin and in turn I re-glue it eighty billion times until I give up and go back to bed.


Once I tried to re-glue the inner corner with a toothpick saturated in the latex glue that accompanies the lashes. Don’t ever go at your eye with a toothpick saturated in latex glue guys. Never.


Just cut them into pieces like an eyelash puzzle that will never look fake or feel wacky!



Allow me to demonstrate the “half lash” application, which involves gluing two small segments of lashes to your outer and middle eyelid region.






The Details:


1.Begin By Prepping Your Tools


Have your lashes ready along with a teensie pair of scissors, eyelash curler, and your mascara. Keep your lashes separated (left vs right) to ensure you don’t accidentally place the long pieces in the center of your eyelid and the shorties on the outer corner because I did that last week. Whoops.

2.Trim Your Pieces


I find that cutting them into segments of three lash clusters works well. If you can’t really tell how many clusters you’ve got, a good rule of thumb is to cut it into 4 pieces. I typically discard the longest lash, the outer corner of the strip, because they are almost always too long and look fake AF.

3.Curl Your Own Lashes and Apply Mascara 


This step helps the last to settle into your natural lash line and blend along with the lashes.

4.Apply Lashes


Swipe a drop of lash glue onto the band of the lash strip and wait (about 5 seconds) until it becomes tacky. Using tweezers or your fingers if you are a magician, place to glued lash stip on the outer corner of your lash line. Using your fingers, gently pinch the band, pushing it right to the skin of your eyelid. Sometimes I also find tapping the lash down helps it fall into place.

Do the same for the second strip, lining it up to the edge of the first strip. Stop here for a natural look or add a third section for a full lash. In the pictures above, I stopped with two.

Things To Remember:


  • SLOW DOWN! It’s not crazy glue. If it doesn’t go right to the lash line when you place it, gently pinch it into place. The biggest mistake I used to make was thinking it was some sort of a race against the clock to get this glued piece of plastic in place. Take your time and wiggle it if necessary.
  • Follow up with a second coat of mascara. This really helps marry the false and real lashes into perfection.
  • Try different lash styles. Be like Goldilocks.


It sounds intimidating but trust me, if I can put these on and wear them to an amusement park, so can you.


♥ Liz