Valentines That Don’t Succ: DIY Succulent Valentines!

valentines day succulents-1031

Just because you have a bond that cannot be broken with your gal pals, it doesn’t necessarily merit breaking the bank. Cheesy, I know. But it’s the truth.

They know the love is real.

I plan to do something snazzy for each and every one of them this year and since I cannot break the bank (it’s already broken) valentines will be dirty cheap.


*Dirty cheap*

a. there is dirt involved

b. it’s under five bucks  

As I was surfing Pinterest, I found THESE cool ideas and they were so dang easy that I couldn’t pass it up! No, I’m not making all of my ladies succulent valentines (some prefer sweets over succulents…) but a few of the lady gang members are getting some sassy greenery!


valentines day succulents


BEST PART?!?! The cost is less than $3 and the value based on love is one billion US dollars.


♥ DIY Succulent Valentines ♥

valentines day succulents-1008


Washi tape makes everything better, prettier, snazzier, etc.

Washi tape flags are no different.

valentines day succulents-1012


Now get creative with and write straight from the heart.

Use a sharpie. I didn’t have one handy but it’s worth it.

valentines day succulents-1014


My lady gang loves me, despite my child-like penmanship.

valentines day succulents-1015

Decorate your pot or don’t.

If you love someone, you decorate the pot though…

valentines day succulents-1031

Double stick tape and festive tissue paper does just fine and it’s CHEAP.

Washi tape would work, too.

valentines day succulents-1045


valentines day succulents-1022


valentines day succulents-1039



♥ Supplies ♥

Miniature Succulents – mine were $1.99 at my local grocer

Washi Tape

Bamboo Sticks

Double Sided Tape

Tissue Paper – for decorating your pot


For the pot:

Apply the two-sided tape around the edge of the pot. Cut a narrow strip of tissue paper that should go around the pot and cover the tape.

Washi Tape Flag:

Cut a piece of washi tape approximately 8 in, place the bamboo stick in the center and fold the ends together. Using a Sharpie, write the cutest puns you can think of!

Stick your bamboo flag in the succulent and spread the love!

What are you doing for your pals this Valentine’s Day?

♥ Liz