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Chill Out: Sippable Frozen Booze Tubes

Boozy Ice Pops

Summer is by definition the total acceptance of less clothing and more alcohol due to unbearable heat.

Trust me. I looked it up. 

A few weeks ago I was casually trolling the kitchen wares isle at the grocery store for clearanced goodies , as everyone does, when I came across this discarded pack of zippy plastic tube thingies. ONE. SINGLE. PACK. Panic set in as I scrambled to find more. I checked every part of the store. Zero packs left. I had such high hopes for all of the boozy concoctions I was going to freeze and now I was limited to 12.


After an overly dramatic pouting session I decided one was better than none so I grabbed them along with  $80 worth of booze, fruit, and garnishes and decided that if they turned out I could always buy a lifetime supply online. Thank you, Internet.

Fast forward 24 hours and guess what happened? Frozen hunks of heaven in convenient plastic tubes happened. The mystery of why there was only one pack left…solved.

Sippable Frozen Booze Tubes

Feel free to do any mixture of bev and fruit/herbs you would like. I chose a few different varieties in small batches because I only had 12 tubes to work with.

Boozy Ice Pops

Gather Your Tools


And Goodies.



I didn’t end up using the cherries because I ran out of tubes but they would have been delicious with Zevia Cream Soda and Rum, just sayin.


I filled two tubes with approximately 8oz of the mixture. Mine were even a little overfilled and I had to let a little of the mixture out (I drank it) because when they freeze they expand and/or explode.



~ F R E E Z E ~


Basic Mixture

1 cup Soda of ChoiceI used Zevia brand sodas because they are clear and sweetened with Stevia

4-6 oz Alcohol (Cucumber Vodka, Spiced Rum, Tequila, etc.) dependant on your desired potency

Assorted fruits and Herbs cut into small pieces:



Lemon or Lime (for the juice because no one wants to chew on lemon rind in a popsicle)

Grapefruit (peeled)

Fresh Mint Leaves

Fresh Rosemary

MIX alcohol and soda in a large container, preferably with a pour spout and set aside to allow some of the fizz to dissipate. Add 2 tbsp fruit juice of choice. Add Fruit hunks in tubes then fill tube with liquid until  3/4 full. Stand upright in a container and freeze for about 8 hrs.


Cucumber Vodka, Lemon Lime Zevia, Lime Juice

Rum, Pineapple, Club Soda and Pineapple Juice

Vodka, Assorted Berries, Rosemary, Berries and Cream Zevia

Tequila, Lemon Lime Zevia, Fresh Mint, Lime Juice


And so, so many more. I don’t care for overly sweet drinks so if you feel the need to add some simple syrup, go for it. The amounts are completely up to you! I tasted my mixture before pouring it in the tubes to make sure it was to my liking.

How will you be staying cool this summer?!