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Simple Highlight and Glow Trick!

Strobing: The basics 

Contouring Tutorial

DIY Coconut Oil Makeup Remover

Foundation for Sensitive Skin

Superior Luminosity-Get Glowing Skin

Full Coverage Foundation

Skin Care 101

Get Your Makeup Sponge Squeaky Clean

DIY Rose Water

Micellar Water and How To Use It!


Sultry Sunset Eye

Tightlining Your Eyes

The Perfect Winged Shadow Trick

Summer Brow! How to Get a Natural Brow

How to GLOW with eyeliner!

Glitter Eye Shadow Trick

Lash Curling 101

Eye Brow Basics

How to Use Black Eyelid Primer!

Purple Eye Shadow: A Love Story

Running Late Liner Trick: LBM

Easy Makeup for Bright Eyes



DIY LIP Scrub and Balm- Coconut Oil and Vitamin E

Lip Balm Girl in a Lipstick World 


Low Maintenance Waves For Dummies

Volumize Hair with Velcro Rollers!

WAVES!!! How To Get Beach Waves That LAST

Healthy Hair Tips


Little White Dress

Sunless Tan 101

Spring 2016 Fashion- Hair Jewelry and Funky Prints

Closet Catalog-DIY Digital Closet

DIY Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

Flash Tattoos : LBM

Wrap it Up! Nail Wraps by Sally Hansen

The Nine Point Checklist You Need for Your Next Night Out

Office Supply Mani: LBM


Teen Makeover- Hannah

Makeover on the Road – Liv and Loren 


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