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Lash Curling 101

Lassh Curling Trick

Sometimes it feels like if you have a “beauty blog” or an “Instagram” you also need to have the best makeup in the world. You picking up on my sarcasm? But really, it’s the truth.  Every influential makeup Instagram is practically screaming winged eye line and false lashes are life. If you’re not wearing em’, your’e not livin! Or cool!


Here’s my issue. I don’t like winged liner on myself and everyone knows it. Proof is right HERE. Secondly, I’m fairly certain I am allergic to eye lash glue. Five seconds after I put them on it’s burn city. I guess I could be doing it wrong but I feel like gluing synthetic hair to your eye lid isn’t brain surgery or anything. Maybe my eyes just water and my nose runs for another reason?

I don’t know. I’m not a doctor. 

What I DO know is that I am not about to sacrifice my self appointed beauty blog title just because I don’t want to be tied to falsies. Just post food photos? Nonsense.

I refuse to be put in a box. Nobody’s holding me down! Attica!

No no. Instead, I just learned how to curl my lashes better. Here’s the trick-it’s all in the wrists. 

Lash Magic

Also, apologizes for these overexposed, blown out photos. I am still learning my lighting. It’s getting better, I promise. 

Step One

Find your comfortable starting point by gently resting the open eye lash curler into the crease of your eye. It should be in the “hollow” of the eye, sort of resting on your brow bone. Let your lashes naturally peek out and get comfortable. 

Pump gently multiple times to curl the base, being careful not to full on crimp the lashes. You might loose a few if you go hard on this. 

Step Two

Without completely removing the curler from it’s position, tilt your curler slightly upward and squeeze. This is now curling the lash mid-way. 

Step Three

Making sure your lashes are still in the grips of the curler, relax it open and rotate your wrist to a 90 degree angle. Press gently to curl the END of your lashes UP. 

Apply mascara as usual. If you are me 10 coats should do the trick.

I love THIS from Urban Decay for a more intense lash or THIS from NYX for a softer, more natural lash.

Done. Now your lashes curl up and in slightly, giving the effect of longer, fuller lashes and you can skip that awkward staff meeting moment when half of your false lash is detached from you lid. It’s so hard not to touch them. It’s not my fault!

♥ Liz