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I Scream. You Scream. Then We All Get Ice Cream…or something like that.


Allow me to say all of the things you are likely thinking right now. This recipe is a total cop-out, the name isn’t even in the title (it’s a milkshake), and it is totally void of all Pinteresty graphics. I can explain.

For starters, is it or is it not a recipe a cop-out? Probably (absolutely). Again, it’s a milkshake. Let’s not pretend that this is anything more than melted ice cream and toppings stirred together. Cinnamony maple pecan bits, but still.

Is the guilt of this blatant blogger cop-out gnawing at my insides? Nope. The longer and more beautiful the days become, the less motivated I am to sit behind a computer and/or a camera for hours on end. And what better topic to blog about in the early weeks of summer than a milkshake? I’m betting once you get the full spectrum of deliciosity in and around your mouth, you will be loving the cop-out anyway. Dare I say you’ll be begging for another cop-out?

you: *begs for more*
me: Ok, fine. Just say it’s not a cop-out first…

And now I am completely distracted by the phrase cop-out.  Where did it come from? Who said it first? I’m thinking it’s a slam on cops. A little juvenile, yes, but cops are known for their enthusiasm for donuts. Did cops often shirk their responsibilities throughout history, snacking on treats and sipping coffee, thus being deemed forever lazy?

Spare me the judgements. We all know you were thinking it too.

I say we settle this once and for all. First person to post where the phrase originated in the comments section gets a PINT of the Arctic Zero Fit Frozen Dessert flavor of your choice, courtesy of Inspector Gorgeous. I’m not sure how I will get it to you since I just came up with this as I was typing but I will make it happen. I would google it myself but I really need to quit it with the distractions and finish this recipe.


Caution: Delectable Milkshake Photos Below


Depending on your whipped cream choice, this could be completely dairy free since Arctic Zero is free of cow’s milk. Either way, it’s 1,001% guilt free.


Arctic Zero is not beloved by all and to those of you out there who can’t stand it, I say give it a shot as a milkshake. When there are only 35 measly calories per serving  you can afford to add a little something special. By something I mean whipped cream and a hue jass portion of salty nuts.


Did you know chewing on a cinnamon stick is not at all like chewing on a cinnamon flavored toothpick? Because it is not.


Pure, unadulterated lovin’ by the spoonful.


Sinfully Slender

Maple Cinnamon Pecan Milkshake

1 cup Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple Ice Cream (No, they didn’t pay me. I wish they would. Just a pint here and there is all I need. Is that too much to ask? Eck)

3 tbsp Whipped Cream of choice (I love TruWhip but you can use anything)

1/4 c to 1/3 c Milk Of Choice- I used Cashew milk

1 tsp Cinnamon + some for dusting

1/8 c. Jumbo Salted Pecans and some for the top

Add everything into the blender and pulse until smooth. An immersion blender is perfect if you are making one serving as described above. 

Pour yourself a tall glass of milkshake and top with crumbled pecans and a sprinkle of cinnamon. 



**McDonald’s Vanilla Milkshake STATS: 16 oz CALS 660 TOTAL FAT 19g TOTAL CARBOHYDRATE 109g PROTEIN 14g

**Sinfully Slender Milkshake with Pecans STATS: Approx 16 oz CALS 208 TOTAL FAT 13 g TOTAL CARBOHYDRATE 22g (net carbs 17g) PROTEIN 7g

And that’s with pecans, which are NOT in the McDonald’s plain old vanilla milkshake! Just some food for thought. I refuse to make posting the nutrition value a habit because I dislike the idea of becoming overly obsessive (been there, sort of still there) but if you are ever wondering about my recipes just shoot me a comment or email and I will gladly provide them!

Now who wants to talk cop-outs?