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Wear More Makeup: Sultry Sunset Eye


Do you ever have the urge to silence someone? Nothing harmful or violent. Just an urge to take your sweet, gentle lady hand and place it firmly over someone’s mouth. You don’t do it. You’re a lady and ladies don’t smother people. Especially after a manicure. No no, instead you find yourself clenching your lady jaw and mentally retracting your outstretched hand to press it forcefully over your little lady lips.

You know, to keep the lady thoughts in. Good girl.

Except that’s really, really insane.

I’m not referring to silencing anyone specific (mostly) but rather haters in general. People hating people. It’s Judgey McJudgerson spouting off judgements while getting wildly offended if someone happens to judge them back. Again, insanity.

Lately I’ve been getting revved about the topic of vanity. The never ending debate of women wearing too much makeup or not enough. I was even tossing around the idea of doing a “less is more” makeup post because in some brief moment of psychosis I became self conscious about how much makeup I (!!!) was wearing until I realized what was happening. The hand. Mine. Pressed (figuratively) over MY lips.

SO I moved my symbolic hand and replaced it with purple lipstick and here we are.

Wear. More. Makeup.

And on that note, a super simple eye look to say “Hey, I’m wearing makeup that doesn’t look like my natural eyelid skin” and also “bite me”.


Too much makeup? Wrong.

Too much makeup? Wrong.

Not enough makeup? Wrong.

Not enough makeup? Wrong.

Come at me, bro.

Come at me, bro.

Anyone could pull off this eyeshadow since it’s two colors gently blended together and accented with a little glow. If I can do it and wear it to my office job, so can you. On the off chance that someone has a problem with it, you can just burn out their corneas with your fiery sunset lids.


Sunset Eye Shadow Tutorial

1. Prime your lids with your favorite shadow primer. I used THIS from Too Faced and I’m pretty sure if was a free sample. A cheap primer would do ya just fine.

2. Press a warm orange shadow from lashline just into your crease. I used Millennial from THIS palette. *all shades are from the Stardust palette by Too Faced*

3. Apply the vibrant purple into the outer corner and into the crease. Using a clean fluffy blending brush, blend out any harsh edges and bring the two colors together.

4. Line the bottom lid with using the NYX Jumbo Eye Crayon in Yogurt and press the vibrant purple just under the outer corner of the bottom lash line.

Finish with Liner, Mascara, and don’t forget to highlight/conceal the under eye area to really make this look pop.


Story time. Tell me when someone made you feel judged and you told them precisely how to bite it.

♥ Liz